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Respiratory Clear is our soothing and moisturising oral spray containing plant bioactive that forms a protective layer over your oral mucosa against external threats. They are rich in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties that support immune and upper respiratory health.

Respiratory Clear - Support Upper Respiratory Function | LIFE ROOTS

Enhance Upper
Respiratory Health

Respiratory Clear - Support Immune System | LIFE ROOTS


Respiratory Clear - Form protective layer on oral mucosa | LIFE ROOTS

Form Protective Layer
On Oral Mucosa

Respiratory Clear - Formula Concept | LIFE ROOTS

Anthocyanins are responsible for the colourful display of the berries and also protect the fruit from external stresses such as bacteria and viruses. They have rich antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, forming a protective layer over the oral mucosa against external threats, enhancing immunity and upper respiratory health.


Inspired by botany used in herbal alleviations throughout the world, our experts aim to create unique blends by integrating modern practices with traditional remedies to protect and relieve your daily discomfort.

Alroy Chua
Alroy Chua
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“As a person with sinus, it improved tremendously after using Life Roots daily. Highly recommended!”
Katrina Karim
Katrina Karim
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“As a post-cancer patient with recurring chronic ailments, Life Roots has been a huge boon to helping me cope with recurring symptoms as a result of radiotherapy. Added to its trusted, all-natural products, I am grateful to the Life Roots team for being generous in their time and effort to help me understand how best their products can augment the current regiment of meds I have to take. Thank you, Kat!”
Jennifer L.
Jennifer L.
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“3 days after I started to use the spray, with exception of taste and smell which I still have problems, the other symptoms have basically disappeared”
Yarik S.
Yarik S.
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“The flu happened multiple times over a 3-month period, each time we used the spray 4 to 5 times a day, and symptoms generally disappear after 2 or 3 days” [feedback from parents]
Greg A.
Greg A.
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“I used the spray 5 times a day, my symptoms disappeared after finishing 1 bottle although I continued to finish 4 bottles”


1. What are the health benefits of the product?

Respiratory Clear is created from natural, plant-based anthocyanins to maintain a healthy respiratory tract and immune system. It supports the upper respiratory functions, immune system and effective recovery.

2. Is the product made up of natural ingredients?

Respiratory Clear comprises of 13 active natural ingredients: Acai berry, Balm, Basil, Bilberry, Bitter gourd, Black myrobalan, Chrysanthemum, Cranberry, Gooseberry, Guava, Loquat, Olive, Thyme. However, to make it applicable for storage, some artificial ingredients have to be included, such as preservatives – no added colouring and flavouring.

3. The color, smell and taste of the product?

Respiratory Clear has a scent similar to that of berries and traditional herbs and is tangy with a rounded fruity after taste. The liquid is brown due to the blend of the natural ingredients. The characteristic of Respiratory Clear will have slight variation in batches due to the seasonal changes in harvest.

4. How long can 1 bottle last?

One bottle contains at least 180 sprays.  For a healthy adult, the recommended dosage is 3 times a day, 3 sprays each time.  Hence, each bottle can last at least 20 days. The recommended dosage is 2 times a day for a healthy child, 2 sprays each time.  Hence, each bottle can last at least 45 days.

5. Is the product vegan friendly and gluten-free?

Yes, Respiratory Clear is vegan friendly and gluten-free.  It comprises a natural-based ingredient blend, Acai berry, Balm, Basil, Bilberry, Bitter gourd, Black myrobalan, Chrysanthemum, Cranberry, Gooseberry, Guava, Loquat, Olive, Thyme, Distilled Water, Sorbitol, Citric acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate.

1. How do I use this product?

Shake well before use.

3 times a day, 3 sprays each time.

For better protection during this challenging time, the spray with its natural ingredients can be used as frequently as needed.

For best results do not drink any liquids for 15 minutes after use.

2. Is this product suitable for those on medication, pregnant or nursing?

Please consult a doctor before use.   

1. How do I use this product?

1. Shake the bottle thoroughly.
2. Hold the spray close to your mouth.
3. Spray 3 times into your mouth.
4. For the best results, avoid eating or drinking for 15 mins after use. 
Use within 3 months after opening. 

1. Caution

Do not spray into eyes or ears. For those on medication, preganant or children under the age of 3, consult a healthcare professional before use. Stop usage consult a doctor if symptoms persist.

2. Does the product have any side effects?

Certain individuals may experience allergic reactions to specific ingredients. We encourage all users to review our ingredients and cautionary statements before use.

1. How do I store this product?

Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. 

1. What is the shelf life of this product?

Respiratory Clear has 24 months of shelf life. However, we suggest our consumers keep the bottle for only 3 months after first use.

Respiratory Clear oral spray is available on our website, www.liferootsofficial.com. Alternatively, you can contact us at info@liferoots.sg for alternative purchase methods.