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Curro Powder maintains healthy uric acid levels for healthy and flexible joints using natural plant-based bioactives such as flavonoids. These bioactives promote anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory processes in the body, helping to manage discomforts commonly associated with high levels of uric acid.

CURRO supports healthy uric acid level | LIFE ROOTS

Supports healthy
uric acid level

CURRO relieves pain and swelling | LIFE ROOTS

Relieves pain
and swelling

CURRO promotes healthy joint | LIFE ROOTS

healthy joints

Curro formula concept | LIFE ROOTS

The ingredients used in Curro contain natural xanthine oxidase inhibitors that helps to regulate uric acid production in the body and reduce uric acid crystal build up in the joints. The combination of these ingredients also possess analgesic, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help to relieve pain and swelling in joints.


LIFE ROOTS is dedicated to utilising the natural healing properties of botanicals. Inspired by traditional European remedies and further shored by the immense benefits of oriental herbs, creating an optimal blend of ingredients sourced from around the world.

Curro Ingredients | LIFE ROOTS
Curro Ingredients | LIFE ROOTS
Eric C., 50
Eric C., 50
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I am now 50 years old and have been a victim of gout for the past 15 years or so. There were 2 options available to me. The first is to be on long-term medication. The second is to strictly control my diet and avoid food with high purine content. I am not keen on the first option; hence I adopted the strict low-purine diet. That has proven to be difficult as eating out is more of a daily necessity due to work. When eating out, it can be difficult to realise what ingredients are used in the preparation of the delicious food. Resulting in gout attacks, which means having painful and sleepless nights, not to mention, a few doses of CoIchicine and strong painkillers. That is like a routine that is repeated on average, once a month.

As I was contemplating adopting my first option of long-term medication, I was gifted with a box of Curro Essence from LIFE ROOTS. That has proven to be a game-changer for me. I tried the product for the first time when I had a flare-up of gout about 5 months ago, I took 2 sachets of Curro, and the symptoms eased over the next few hours. I took another 2 sachets in the evening and I had a pain-free night of sleep. Following that experience, I now will take 2 Sachets of Curro when I feel the onset of a gout attack. That effectively stops the onset of a full flare-up of a gout attack. Hence saving me from many agonising sleepless nights due to pain. This product is now part of my gout management routine. Thanks, LIFE ROOTS for introducing this great product.
KB Lau, 52
KB Lau, 52
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I have long accepted that I just need to manage the persistent gout problems. I was very much reliant on diclofenac for a while until I developed allergies. I then switched to arcoxia. I was professionally advised not to take such medicine regularly. Simply, potentially toxic effects of these poisons should not be taken lightly. But I would do anything to ease the pain, even if it meant to poison myself.

I needed to try curro after hearing it might work miraculously without poisoning our bodies. One night, I felt the familiar discomfort gradually turning to pain on one foot. I knew it would be very bad the next morning. I took a dose of curro and was relieved that somehow the pain did not worsen over the night. In the morning, I took another dose of curro, and I was almost not feeling the discomfort later in the day.

Needless to say, curro is now part of my management of my gout problems. Obviously, diet is another important part. Perhaps drugs like diclofenac work faster, but curro isn’t poison. Without doubt, Curro makes more sense. That is not to say that curro doesn’t work fast. It is faster than colchicine.
Dharma, 39
Dharma, 39
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“I had a gout attack in January 2021. This was my second gout attack. My left foot, around the bunion was swollen and very painful. It was throbbing and I couldn’t walk at all.
I took CURRO and on the 3rd day of taking CURRO, I can walk and stand for a few hours. No more swelling and only a little bit of pain which is very manageable.
I remember the recovery during my first attack took more than 5 days to recover. I’m so glad I took CURRO this time round. I really recommend this product.”


1. What are the health benefits of the product?

Curro Powder maintains healthy uric acid levels for healthy and flexible joints using natural plant-based bioactives such as flavonoids. These bioactives promote anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory processes in the body, helping to manage discomforts commonly associated with high levels of uric acid.

2. Who is suitable for this product?

Curro Powder is suitable for individuals currently experiencing acute  symptoms associated with elevated uric acid levels.

3. Is the product made up of natural ingredients?

Curro Powder comprises 6 natural ingredients: Cherry (1.5g), Fructus ligustri lucidi (1.13g), Ginger (1.13g), White chrysanthemum flower (1.13g), Pandan leaf (0.75g), and Nettle (0.36g). There are no added colouring.

4. Is the product vegan friendly, gluten-free and soy-free?

Yes, Curro Powder is vegan-friendly and gluten-free. It comprises a blend of natural ingredients namely Cherry, Ginger, White chrysanthemum flower, Pandan leaf, Nettle and Fructus ligustri lucidi.

1. What is the recommended dosage for this product?

One to two sachets daily.

2. Is this product suitable for those on medication, pregnant or nursing?

Please consult a doctor before use.

1. Does the product have any side effects?

Certain individuals may experience allergic reactions to specific ingredients. We encourage all users to review our ingredients and cautionary statements before use. For those on medication, pregnant or nursing, consult a doctor before use. If symptoms persist, stop use and consult a doctor. Keep out of reach of children. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

1. What is the shelf life of this product?

Curro Powder has 24 months of shelf life.

2. How should I store this product?

Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Curro Powder is not launched in any retail yet, contact us at info@liferoots.sg to purchase.