Helping Mum Journey Through Menopause

3 Ways to Help Mum Cope with Menopause

The power of mum

“Mother’s hard work isn’t seen by others.
She knows the warm recipe by heart.
When you have time, hold her hand and dream together.

Listen to mum, don’t let harm get in her way.
Grow up fast and strong, so you can protect her.
Beautiful white hair grows in happiness,
The magic of an angel who is warm and kind.”

– Jay Chou, Listen to Mum

She has always been the person to turn to, and our perfect pillar of support. Her love is unconditional and incomparable, nothing will match up. She will fight, sacrifice, and put nothing but her beloved children first. She is our mother. She is mum.

What menopause is like


Many women who are experiencing early menopause symptoms often feel worried and confused by the symptoms. The changes in a woman’s physical and psychology can also cause depressive episode. Nutffield Health Group states that 25% of women struggle to cope with day-to-day life because of menopausal symptoms.

Symptoms of menopause includes:

  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Hot flushes
  • Night sweats
  • Low energy levels
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Low libido
  • Trouble focusing
  • Increased abdominal fat and weight gain

How to help superwoman?


Superwoman has it all, doesn’t she? However, there are things that she can’t quite do on her own, and needs help with. Well…this is your time to shine! Here are some ways that you can help your supermum cope with her menopause symptoms:

1. Reassure her

Reassurance is a powerful tool, but sometimes people tend to overlook the importance of it. Psychologically, reassurance has helped many patients in decreasing stress and anxiety levels. Reassurance conceivably is the first step of psychological therapy.

Giving simple reassurance can be extremely helpful in the relationships between you and your loved ones. When your mum is feeling confused, nervous or worried, one of the best things you can do is to let her know that things will be okay.

2. Help her to relax

Women going through menopause might feel upset for various reasons. This sometimes trigger a fight-or-flight response in their nervous system, which overrides rational thought and healthy emotional responses. This response often manifests as feelings of fear, anger, depression, and sometimes, even a combination of the three.

It is possible, and important, to calm down a person experiencing negative feelings. Approach their situation with empathy and love. Offer your support and give them your attention. Hear them out and sympathise with their struggles.

Your mum might be feeling alone amidst menopause, and a hug can help dissipate those feelings. Simple forms of affection like holding hands or even a hug can offer a great amount of comfort to someone who is feeling anxious.

3. Ensure that she has the right nutrients

Declining estrogen levels have a negative impact on metabolism. Try working out a diet that consists of ingredients such as fennel, black cohosh, chamomile, and artichoke. These super ingredients do wonders for women who are going through menopause. 


LIFE ROOTS Amelior Menopause Capsule contains active ingredients such as fennel, black cohosh, chamomile, and artichoke. This blend of ingredients work together to help manage menopausal symptoms, and improving the overall quality of life. Click here to know more about Amelior.

As amazing as Amelior is, it is essential, and in your mum’s best interest to first consult with a healthcare provider to know what supplement is suitability for her.

Welcoming a new season

We are excited for you and your mum’s journey through menopause! A beautiful and wonderful season is coming.